How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Paintball?

Paintball Age Requirment

Paintball is one of the best recreational sports that is enjoyed by paintballers all around the world. Due to its fun and survival nature, a lot of new players especially kids are attracted to this sport. But exactly How old do you have to be to play paintball?

In this blog post, we will discuss the minimum paintball age requirement. Apart from that, we will also list down a few alternatives to paintball that are safer for children.  

Since Paintball is an extreme sport, you might be wondering, Is paintball really safe for kids? or How old do you have to be to play paintball? In this guide, we provided the average minimum age required to play paintball.

We will also talk about some proven safety measures along with recently introduced paintball formats that will further ensure your safety and make this sport more kid-friendly.

So without further ado, Let’s get started.

Does paintball have an age requirement?

Yes, like all the other extreme sports, Paintball has an age requirement too. The minimum age limit to play paintball depends on various factors such as your state’s laws and regulations regarding this sport, the type of paintball marker you are using, and the format in which the game is being played.

Let’s take a look at the average age limit in case you are in a hurry.

Minimum Age Limit Recommended Age
Paintball 10 – 12 years 12 – 14 years
Low-Impact Paintball 8 – 10 years 10 – 12 years
JT Splatmaster Paintball 6 – 8 years 8 – 10 years

Well, these are the average age limit for different formats of paintball. To get the exact minimum age requirement in your state, check with your local paintball field and they will be more than happy to explain their rules.

Players below the age of 18 years are required to play under the supervision of their parents/guardians. Most paintball fields even require their guardian to sign a waiver for them before each match.

Is my kid old enough to play?

It completely varies from person to person. If you think that your kid is old enough to understand the rules and ensure the safety of himself as well as other players, they are good to play.

What is low impact paintball?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Paintball

As the name suggests, Low-impact Paintball is a kind of format that has been introduced with the aim to make Paintball safe for kids.

Unlike typical paintball which is played using a projectile of .68 caliber, Low-impact Paintball uses paintballs that are of .50 caliber in size. This reduction in paintball size drastically decreases the impact of the paintball upon hitting.

In addition to that, Paintballs used in low-impact markers are made from super soft gelatin which further makes it safe for kids and beginners along with players who have delicate skin or physical issues.

Benefits of Low-Impact Paintball

  1. Better accuracy due to less air resistance.
  2. Less impact upon hitting (about 70% less than typical paintball).
  3. Hopper holds more paintballs, thanks to their small size.
  4. Super soft gelatin reduces the sting of impact.

What is JT SplatMaster Paintball?

JT Splatmaster Paintball

JT SplatMaster Paintball is a relatively new entrant in the Paintball industry and has gained immense popularity for its fun, safe-to-play format. JT SplatMaster Paintballs are super-soft projectiles that can easily break upon hitting any hard surface such as trees or even your opponent’s protective gear without causing injury.

Similar to the Low-Impact Paintball, SplatMaster markers also use paintballs of .50 calibers. The only major difference is that marker is more toy-like and comes with a pump action.

Due to their size and low impact, these paintballs have been designed exclusively to be used by kids above the age of eight years. It comes with an easy pump action marker that doesn’t require any maintenance or prior knowledge. And yeah… the best part, they don’t hurt when compared with regular paintballs.

Benefits of JT SplatMaster Paintball

  1. Super Lightweight, mostly made up of plastic.
  2. The budget-friendly price tag makes it a great way to get started.
  3. Lower Velocity results in lesser impact.

Paintball Safety Guide for kids – Paintball Age Requirement

Whether you play Paintball at your local field or in your backyard, it is important to know the rules as well as what safety measures need to be taken when playing especially with kids.

1. Don’t fear, expect to get hit

Paintball hurts less than what more people expect. On bare skin, the impact of typical paintball feels like a rubber band snaps. Moreover, in Low-Impact paintball, most of the time the impact doesn’t hurt at all.

2. Keep your mask on

This is the most important rule of Paintball, especially when you are playing with kids. Paintballs can travel at a speed as high as 300 feet per second and if hit in your eyes by such paintballs, it could lead to serious problems like retina damage or even blindness. Ensure that everyone on the field has their protective mask.

Even after getting eliminated, keep your mask on until you safely exit the field.

3. Wearing multi-layer clothing

It is important to wear clothes that fully cover your body. Avoid wearing anything delicate such as silk or thin fabrics like cotton because they are not good for absorbing impact.

It is advisable to play with full-length clothes along with extra padding on sensitive areas to reduce impact.

4. Always take your paintball gun as loaded

Be very careful when handling Paintball guns and never treat them as toys. Always ensure that the barrel is pointing in a safe direction and practice trigger discipline.

Don’t aim at anyone especially at their neck, face or groin when in close range because this could be fatal to cause serious injury.

5. Stay hydrated during the game

Paintball games usually take more than 10 – 30 mins depending on the format you are playing and in such cases, it is vital to stay hydrated throughout the game. Not only will this help you avoid fatigue but also keep your body healthy.

Happy Paintballing!

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