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Woodsball Tips for beginners

Woodball is one of the most played formats in paintball. It is played in natural terrain and includes the factors of realism, survival, and military combat. Since most paintball beginners start their paintball journey through woodsball, that’s why I have gathered 10 of the most useful woodsball tips for beginners.

Woodsball Tips for Beginners

These tips will surely help you in winning your first woodsball game. So, without further ado let’s jump straight to our first tip.

1. Pre-walking the field

Pre-walking the field | Woodsball tips for Beginners

Pre-walking the field before the start of the match is very crucial. Since woodball is all about making the best use of geography and terrain. A team that has thoroughly gone through the field before the match has a better chance of winning the game.

While reviewing the field make sure to spot places that can give you a geographical advantage like a hill, a ditch, or bushes.

Moreover, by pre-walking the field, you can also avoid places that are likely to cause a slip or an accident.  Gives you one less thing to worry about during the game.

2. Making a plan of attack

Making a plan of attack | Woodsball tips for Beginners

One mistake every beginner does in woodsball is jumping directly into the game without having a plan of attack. In woodsball, your chances of winning a game without having a good plan of attack are very low.

After pre-walking the paintball field, you must have an idea of the strong and weak areas of your side of the field. A good plan of attack consists of using the geographical factors of the field according to your advantage.

Moreover, distributing and positioning teammates to crucial areas is also a part of the plan of attack.

3. Communicating with the teammates

Communicating with the teammates | Woodsball tips for Beginners

It wouldn’t be wrong if I say “Communication is the key to winning games”. In woodsball, since you have approximately 20 to 50 teammates, chances are you know only a few of them. That’s what creates the communication gap among teammates.

Before the start of the match, it is important to get to know your teammates and discuss the in-game strategy with them, or else, everyone will be going full solo resulting in a team loss.

4. Protecting your ankle

Protecting your ankle | Woodsball tips for Beginners

One thing most woodsball beginners forget every time is protecting their ankles. Since woodsball is played in natural terrain with uneven ground, ditches, puddles, spikes, and hills. It is very likely that your ankle may get hurt. A large percentage of paintball injuries are related to ankle injuries.

To protect your ankle, you should wear boots with ankle protection. Normal shoes and sneakers will not do much in protecting your ankle.

Furthermore, A woodsball game usually lasts anywhere between 45 min to a couple of hours. So, make sure that the boots you are wearing are light and comfortable.

5. Avoid wearing bright clothes

Avoid wearing bright clothes | Woodsball tips for Beginners

In woodsball, sneaking your enemy from behind and catching them off-guard is an important factor in winning games. To use this tactic, one has to remain spotless from the unaware enemy. Bright and Flashy clothes are easier to spot on the woodsball field.

Using camouflage clothes or colors like camel brown, olive green, dark brown, and grey will give you an extra edge. Although black clothes also work well in summer, it is recommended to avoid darker colors to prevent overheating. Read more about how to dress for paintball here.

6. Avoid wearing a shiny and reflective mask

Avoid wearing a shiny and reflective mask | Woodsball tips for Beginners

A fancy bright color mask with reflective lens coating will bounce off light and draw unwanted attention to you. That’s why it is recommended to wear a black or cameo mask to better blend with the surroundings.

If you are wearing a shiny or reflective mask, try to position yourself so that the sun is behind you, or wear a non-reflective mask.

7. Make sure your tank and pods are full

Make sure your tank and pods are full | Woodsball tips for Beginners

As I mentioned earlier, a woodsball game can last as long as a couple of hours. Moreover, the distance between your base to the actual playing field is pretty far. So it is better to double-check your pods and tank before stepping into the field. 

An empty tank or pod will ruin your woodsball experience as you will be running back and forth during the game to refill your supplies.

8. Pre-cleaning your gun before the game

Pre-cleaning your gun before the game | Woodsball tips for Beginners

A very common mistake that most beginners, as well as professional players, make is thinking that cleaning your gun only after a match is enough. Pre-cleaning your gun can seriously enhance the on-field performance of your paintball gun.

Build-up dust and debris inside the barrel can ruin the accuracy of your marker. To get the max performance from your gun you should always pre-clean the barrel and the bolt before a match.

9. Making the best use of stealth

Making the best use of stealth | Woodsball tips for Beginners

Unlike speedball, stealth is an important factor in a woodsball game. In order to win matches, you should remain as quiet as possible. The more you stay unspotted, the less you will be shot at.

Moreover, firing, shouting, and walking can also give away your location to the enemy. That’s why it is recommended to only fire when you are confident enough that you will hit the target.

10. Keeping your mask on after getting eliminated

Keeping your mask on after getting eliminated | Woodsball tips for Beginners

After getting shot most of the newbies take off their masks while walking toward their base or spawn point. This is one of the stupidest mistakes one can do, it also involves the risk of serious injury. It is recommended to never take your mask off inside the field, even if you are eliminated.

Just raise your hands at a level where your opponents can see them and if possible, put a barrel cover on your gun, this pretty much gives the signal to your opponent that you are eliminated and peacefully walking towards your base.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

These are not all, but the most common and useful tips for woodsball beginners. If you think I missed any other useful tip which should be mentioned here, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments.

Lastly, Don’t forget to check out the best woodsball paintball guns of 2023.
Happy Paintballing!

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