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Best Paintball Podcasts

When it comes to the Paintball podcasts, there is no shortage of them. In fact, it is becoming a crowded field with new shows coming online regularly. So how do you know the best paintball podcasts to follow?

The best paintball podcasts are the ones that provide you with a little bit of everything. No matter if you’re looking for reviews, strategy, or just general info about the sport, the podcasts we mentioned in the lists have it all.

Why Listen to the Paintball Podcast?

Over the past 30 years, paintball has become a highly popular sport. The 80s saw a rapid rise in paintball popularity because guns were made to be inexpensive and accessible. Unfortunately, It lost its popularity in the ’90s but came back with a vengeance in the 2000s.

Since there are so many paintball players, it was only natural for some people to want to talk about paintball on a podcast.

Best Paintball Podcasts

This blog post will list 8 of my favorite podcasts that you should definitely listen to if you are looking for something new!

So, without further delay. Let’s jump straight to our list.

1. Behind The Bunkers Paintball Podcast

Since July 2017 | Frequency: 1 Episode per week

Behind The Bunkers is hands down one of the best paintball podcasts out there. It has been airing live every Monday night since July 2017. The podcast host team consists of Todd Ancich, Joe Kimpson, Gavin Sharma, and Josh Zubrickas.

The podcast is jam-packed with the latest news, gear reviews, tournament recaps, and Paintball strategies as well. I bet you won’t get bored of this podcast.

On average, each episode lasts a little more than an hour. On top of that, it is aired every week so if you are looking for a podcast to binge-watch, this one’s for you.

2. Overshot | A Paintball Podcast

Since March 2020 | Frequency: 2 Episode per month

Ever since its release in March 2020, this podcast has been growing constantly in popularity. In such a short period this podcast has been successful in capturing the attention of paintballers around the world.

It is hosted by Jonathan Rullan and Travis Deleyer who are accompanied by other paintball professionals as well as the Paintball company’s representatives.

The Podcast covers everything related to paintball. Whether it is the latest development or a new product that just dropped, it covers them all. It releases 2 episodes per month which are usually 80+ mins long. For paintballers who are looking to expand their game knowledge, this podcast is recommended.

3. The Playing On Podcast

Since January 2017 | Frequency: 1 Episode per week

The Playing on Podcast is yet another great podcast that deserves your attention. It is hosted by Carl Markowski who is a former professional paintball player for Chicago Aftershock. Known for his aggressive gameplay, Carl shares his match-winning strategies wrapped around in beautiful storytelling. Apart from that he also interviews fellow professional paintballers and covers the latest news about paintball.

The length of each episode is pretty long, usually lasting beyond 80 to 90 min. This gives Carl enough time to discuss the topics in depth. If you are into weekly podcasts then this podcast will definitely appeal to your taste. Moreover, Carl’s professional-level paintball expertise is enough of a reason to tune into this podcast.

Since February 2019 | Frequency: 4 Episode per quarter

The Popular Unknown Paintball Podcast offers a steady stream of paintball content. The average podcast lasts more than 80 minutes and is full of interviews, news stories, and in-depth discussions about paintball.

This podcast debuted in early 2019 and has been increasing in popularity since then. New episodes are released every two weeks, in which host Steve Maguire provides you with all the latest happenings in the paintball industry. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of paintball.

5. Paintball Without the Y

Since April 2020 | Frequency: 1 Episode per quarter

Paintball without the Y is another amazing paintball podcast worth following. Although it was first released in April 2020, it has been successful in capturing the audience in such a short period of time.

Every episode is usually between 30 and 40 minutes long and is released quarterly. The podcast has an all-female host panel which is rare in male-dominant extreme sports.

The hosts discuss a variety of different topics, which also include news, event and tournament recaps, paintballing after Covid-19, gun reviews, and paintball photography.

I will recommend everyone to listen to this podcast to get a better sense of what paintball is like from a female perspective, which is typically not well represented.

6. Maritime Paintball Podcast

Since March 2016 | Frequency: 1 Episode per week

The Maritime Paintball Podcast started in March 2016 and has attracted a large audience since then. It is hosted by Bradley O’Dell who brings you the latest news and developments in the Paintball industry along with tournament recaps and event summaries.

The podcast is also an excellent source to listen to insightful interviews with some of the country’s top players, paintball brand representatives, and individuals who have been a major part of shaping the sport.

With episodes being published every week you should definitely consider following this podcast if you want some useful advice or just need an audible distraction from daily chores.

7. Weekend Grind

Since January 2020 | Frequency: 1 Episode per year

Weekend Grind is a podcast truly worth listening to. Hosted by Carney in which he shares his personal experiences while playing paintball. It’s the perfect broadcast for beginners as well as veteran players. This show brings on the top athletes in the industry and talks about everything from gear and playing tips to tournament recaps.

Each episode is jam-packed with topics such as: what Carney enjoys about paintball tournaments, how paintball guns are made, how sports psychology plays a role in winning matches, and how to match winners are determined through their decisions during the game.

8. PBM paintball magazine

Since January 2019 | Frequency: 1 Episode per 2 months

The PBM Podcast debuted back in early 2019. Soon after its launch, it was an instant success thanks to its PBM Magazine origin. It is the UK’s first-ever Paintball Podcast which explores all aspects of paintball, from the playing field to rule changes and equipment.

Paintballers will never miss out on anything when they listen to the latest episodes released every 2 months or so. It is also perfect for newbies who are looking to learn about this fast-growing world. The podcast interviews people in the business, as well as industry insiders which include professional players, team managers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

These podcasts are a great way to stay updated on all the happenings in paintball. From reviews of new gears to interviews with industry professionals. These podcasts are also a great source to learn strategies that might help you win your next big match.

Lastly, the order of their listing doesn’t determine best to worst. Their liking is subject to personal preference. Some people may prefer listening to an hour-long podcast while others might want a shorter one. To get a better understanding of your taste I will recommend you try them all.

Happy Paintballing!

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