10 Best Paintball Masks 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Paintball Masks

It wouldn’t be wrong if I said: “You can’t go wrong by investing in the best paintball mask that best fits your needs”. After a paintball gun, a paintball mask is the second thing you can rely on, on the field.

After all, your vision isn’t cheap, is it? But, there is one big problem. Finding a good paintball mask that best suits your needs is not an easy task. That’s why we have gathered a list of the Top 10 Best Paintball Masks that are currently available to buy.

Having a cool paintball mask is not only flex but is also crucial for your safety. A good paintball mask is one that provides you with ultimate comfort while ensuring your safety. The masks we listed are suited for players of all skill levels.

In the Buyer’s Guide below, I also listed down all the factors that you should consider before buying a paintball mask.

But before we head towards that, let’s first dive into the reviews.

Best Paintball Masks – Comparison Chart

Image Masks Features  
Dye _i5 Dye i5 Field of Vision: 290°
Comfort: 9.9 / 10
Protection: 9.7 / 10
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Empire_EVS Empire EVS Field of Vision: 270°
Comfort: 9.8 / 10
Protection: 9.6 / 10
Check Price
Virtue_VIO Virtue VIO Field of Vision: 270°
Comfort: 9.6 / 10
Protection: 9.4 / 10
Check Price
Dye_Precision_i4 Dye Precision I4 Field of Vision: 290°
Comfort: 9.4 / 10
Protection: 9.5 / 10
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Virtue_VIO_Ascend Virtue VIO Ascend Field of Vision: ~260°
Comfort: 9.1 / 10
Protection: 8.6 / 10
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Bunkerkings_CMD Bunkerkings CMD Field of Vision: ~260°
Comfort: 9.0 / 10
Protection: 8.7 / 10
Check Price
Empire_E-Flex Empire E-Flex Field of Vision: 270°
Comfort: 8.5 / 10
Protection: 8.3 / 10
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JT_Spectra_Flex8 JT Spectra Flex 8 Field of Vision: 260°
Comfort: 8.0 / 10
Protection: 8.1 / 10
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V-Force_Grill V-Force Grill Field of Vision: ~240°
Comfort: 7.5 / 10
Protection: 7.8 / 10
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Empire_X-Ray Empire X-Ray Field of Vision: 180°
Comfort: 6.8 / 10
Protection: 7.5 / 10
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Top 10 Best Paintball Masks of 2024

Here are some of the Best Paintball Masks that we reviewed in this guide.

  1. Dye i5Best Overall Paintball Mask
  2. Empire EVSOur Best Runner-up
  3. Virtue VIOOur Premium Pick
  4. Dye Precision i4Editor’s Choice
  5. Virtue VIO AscendOffers Supreme Comfort
  6. Bunkerkings CMDThe King of Durability
  7. Empire E-FlexBest for Full Head Coverage
  8. JT Spectra Flex 8Best for Mil-Sim Paintball
  9. V-Force GrillCool Aggressive Design
  10. Empire X-RayBest for Beginners

Best Overall Paintball Mask

1. Dye i5

Dye i5 Paintball Masks

Dye products are widely considered famous for being top-notch and state-of-the-art. The Dye i5 is not an exception either. The mask is designed to stand out in the toughest of conditions without compromising its comfort.

The Dye i5 features a Dyetanium dual-pane thermal lens that reduces fogging and makes the lens prone to scratches while providing you with an astonishing 290-degree field of view. The Dye’s Switch Lens System (SLS) allows you to switch between different lenses on the go.

Unlike the Dye i4, the Dye i5 is slightly bigger and comes with more air vents, this addition not only increases the airflow but also provides you with better voice circulation. Hence, improving your on-field experience.

Thanks to the soft foam padding, the comfort provided by this mask is truly unmatchable by any of its counterparts, making it the most comfortable paintball mask on our list. 

Moreover, the soft foam padding is replaceable so that you can change them once they are worn out instead of buying a whole new mask.

When using this mask, say goodbye to your typical strap. The Dye i5 comes with a GSR pro strap that allows you to adjust the tightness with a dial. This feature enables you to adjust the mask single-handedly when you’ve got opponents to shoot.

Superiority comes with a price. Although the Dye i5  is choked with high-end features, the only drawback is that it comes with a hefty price tag. 

Our Verdict

Despite the high price, this mask is worth every penny. The features It provides are all you can dream of in a mask. For more competitive players who are looking to step up their game, the Dye i5 is definitely recommended.

  • Easily replaceable foam and lens
  • GSR pro strap allows you to adjust the tightness with a dial.
  • Grill-shaped nostrils for better air and voice circulation.
  • Price is a bit expensive for average players

Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

2. Empire EVS

Empire EVS Paintball Masks

If you were a fan of HALO growing up then you are surely going to love this mask. It offers ultimate comfort along with futuristic looks, making it one of the best masks money can buy.

Compared to most high-end paintball masks, the Empire EVS offers supreme comfort and has a wider field of vision. The dual-pane lens has a very high peripheral vision and offers a 270-degree field of view.

A wider lens also provides you with more internal room. Hence making it the best paintball mask for glasses. Moreover, the lens is changeable and only takes a few seconds to change. A simple pull-twist is required to remove the lenses.

It has a rubber bottom which makes it very flexible in the lower part. The soft lower allows paintballs to bounce off without breaking.

Empire EVS features 3 layers of foam padding, providing you with ultimate comfort. The foam is also removable and can be replaced if worn out. On top of that, It sits perfectly on your face and the moisture-proof design prevents them from fogging up.

Due to the lack of air vents present at the front, the Empire EVS is not very breathable. The fewer vents also result in your voice echoing inside the masks.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Empire EVS paintball masks offer superior optical quality to give you a clear and accurate vision of the field and enemy players. It is extremely light in weight, comes in different sizes and the best part is that it is pretty affordable.

  • Easily interchangeable lenses without tools.
  • Ears are secure with the thick form without compromising on hearing
  • Triple density foam absorbs up your sweat.
  • The lens has a small learning curve
  • Not very breathable

Best Anti-fog Paintball Masks

3. Virtue VIO

Virtue VIO Paintball Masks

The Virtue VIO paintball mask is a great fit for mid-level players. It’s designed to be light and comfortable while being budget-friendly at the same time. The Virtue VIO paintball mask offers great protection and it is definitely “made to win”.

The VIO is extremely durable, the VIO is made up of hard plastic that deals with shocks while also making it lightweight and durable. No matter how rough the situation gets, at the end of the day, you will have your mask in one piece. 

Let’s talk about comfortability, the soft foam padding provides you with supreme comfort. On the other hand, the moisture-proof design avoids fog building up on the lens.

Ventilation is another reason that this paintball mask is the best of its deal. It features several air vents on the front and sides. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that VIO is one of the most breathable masks that has ever designed.

The virtue VIO also offers good looks along with comfort. The mask is available in different color options. The fully customized lenses are obtainable and reinforced with a large variety of colors.

Despite the VIO being packed full of high-end features, this mask lacks a visor which is very surprising.

The large lenses in the virtue give a wider field view. The dual-pane thermal technology actively inhibits foggy views to retain your sight very clearly.

Finally, the VIO is also customizable and you can adjust the strap and other programs according to your liking.

Our Verdict

Considering the features VIO provides at such a budget-friendly price is appreciatable. This mask is also very versatile and perfectly fits the needs of players of all skill levels.

  • Fog-resistance lens with an extensive field of view.
  • Offers full face coverage.
  • The lenses are easily replaceable with a hinge lock system
  • The visor is missing

Editor’s Choice

4. Dye Precision I4

Dye Precision I4 Paintball Masks

When it comes to high-end paintball masks, Dye is an industry leader. The Dye Precision i4 delivers supreme comfort while ensuring full protection. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the material, the mask is made up of industry-grade plastic which not only makes it lightweight and cost-efficient but also provides you with better durability.

The Dye features a wide lens that is actually adjustable to give users excellent peripheral vision while providing you a 290-degree field of vision.

The anti-fog thermal lenses offered by Dye I4 remove the grief of feeling unworthy during the game. No need to worry about cleaning the fog with I4, the anti-fog technology prevents it from occurring.

Dye I4 brings a lot to the table, it is small, sleek, and lightweight. The overall profile of the masks is kept small on purpose, making it perfect for close combat.

The lenses can be removed quickly and very conveniently. It requires no tools and it takes less than 10 seconds. Additionally, there are two types of lenses to choose from: clear and HD. Clear lenses are suitable to use indoors and at night time, the HD ones, however, are for sunny days and mornings.

This mask is notably small and players with large faces may find it unsuitable. That is why it is recommended to try on this mask before buying one. For players with large faces, the Dye i5 or the Empire EVS is best suited.

Our Verdict

The Dye i4 is best for both professional players and beginners due to its incredible comfort. It is designed to adapt to the user’s face and provide them with the ultimate paintball gaming experience. The high-end features of this mask are also unmatched by most of its competitors.

  • Extremely durable
  • Amazing field sight with anti-fog thermal properties.
  • Offers excellent ventilation for breathability and communication.
  • Notably small for players with large faces

Offers Supreme Comfort

5. Virtue VIO Ascend

Virtue VIO Ascend Paintball Masks

The Virtue VIO Ascend provides you with high performance at a budget-friendly price. No matter whether you prefer Woodsball or Speedball this mask is built to provide you with the best of both worlds.

The Ascend body is a 1-piece frame which contributes to its lower cost. It has a slightly wider width leaving more space on the inside ear part.

The foam in VIO Ascent is high quality and double-layered making it firm as well as very comfortable. It doesn’t get annoying even in troublesome circumstances. Inducting the top quality, the foam is also very convenient for interchanging or replacing.

The dual-pane thermal system gives players the confidence and assurance of not getting too fog-up. The wide peripheral view helps you look out through this lens without any distortion.

On top of that, the lenses are completely UV-protected, making them a great fit for outdoor applications. 

The Ascent lives up to the hype of “quickly interchangeable” lenses. You can clear or change the lenses as easily as pushing down a couple of times by the ear part.

It has adjustable straps with rubber rims which makes it easier to adjust the size according to your comfort.

Unfortunately, the Ascend drawback is that the ear part is not smooth because they are made up of rubber.

The fantastic ventilation design keeps you airy and breathable in both, front and sideways. Moreover, the ventilation system also enables you to communicate better.

Our Verdict

Virtue VIO Ascend is a must-have paintball mask if you are into paintball. The mask is recommended for both beginners to intermediate-level players. Ascend is built with quality parts and it’s going to give you the performance you need to be the best on the field.

  • Provides high performance and best value of money.
  • It is very friendly-built and offers easy interchange of the parts
  • Dual pane thermal prevents fog
  • The ear part is not that smooth

The King Of Durability

6. Bunkerkings CMD

Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Masks

Few paintball masks look as good as the Bunkerkings CMD. Built with extremely durable material, the mask takes rough use without showing wear. 

The Bunkerkings CMD might give a similar feel as Virtue but comparably feels unparalleled. In addition to its quick-change capability, CMD has a lot of unique features. It comes with a vast range of lens colors, including mirrored lenses.

The mask is built to provide the best anti-fog performance. Clear visibility and breathability are promised in CMD. The CMD provides an outstanding level of clarity with a real in-depth vision. Polycarbonate materials are used in these premium lenses to give vision as clear as crystal.

The sound clarity and ventilation properties of the CMD are also extraordinary. The condensation will not affect your performance even after all the sweat and heavy breathing.

Moreover, the foam is made up of a very soft microfiber material that increases the comfort level. The foam also relieves stress on the face making it comfortable due to wear with a wider design.

Although it is an exceptional mask with tons of great features, the price tag is slightly expensive for newbies.

Lastly, the CMD paintball mask has a double strap pattern providing you with a good adjustability level and better grip performance.

Our Verdict

Despite the price is slightly expensive for beginners, the high-end features it provides make the mask truly worth every penny.

  • Extremely breathable, Offers ultimate comfort
  • Very adjustability according to player’s satisfaction
  • Dual pane thermal prevents fog for maximum clarity
  • Slightly expensive for newbies.
  • Big mouth holes, chances of paint splattering on your face are high.

Best Budget Paintball Mask

7. Empire E-Flex

Empire E-Flex Paintball Masks

The Empire E-Flex paintball mask is one of the leading options on the market. It is great for all levels of players, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. The mask features a unique look and a great style.

The standard lenses are dual-pane thermal lenses that give ultimate protection against fog. However, no UV protection properties (which can be obtainable on the upgrade) and prevention of scratches are available.

Lenses are very easy to change. You can see the entire field through these lenses without any distortion. This mask is best for receiving the audio as well as transmitting your voice to your teammates.

The mask gives fantastic bounces and flexibility. You can affordably change up your look by interchanging the collapsible base.

It is built to last long. The mask is made up of top-quality materials and excellent construction enables the mask to stand against the toughest conditions.

The foam used inside the mask is made up of top quality which is extremely comfortable and gives a tight fit but doesn’t put pressure on your face.

Goggles and chinstraps are very convenient and practical. The goggle strap has a silicone lining which keeps the player’s head safe and sound.

The Empire E-flex lacks a visor. Secondly, there is a small amount of excessive foam over the nose, which might be comfortable for some players.

It comes with very comfortable and thick thermal ear foam that protects the ears without compromising hearing. It has various colors and patterns available. You can also customize it according to your requirements.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Empire E-flex is a great fit if you are looking for durable paintball masks with modern features and a budget-friendly price.

  • Dual-pane lens are amazing against fog and have zero optical distortion.
  • Great flexibility results in more bounces.
  • Breathable and fantastic audio transmission.
  • Little excessive foam over the nose area
  • The visor is missing

Best for Full Head Coverage

8. JT Spectra Flex 8

JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Masks

The JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball mask is one of the most technologically advanced paintball masks ever made. It is made out of carbon fiber, and it is easy to adjust. This mask has a lot of features that should be attractive to paintball players.

Flex 8’s top-notch feature is its frame. The dual fusion property undoubtedly makes it the best product on the market. The Flex 8 has genius ventilation technology that makes it more comfortable than any other full-coverage mask.

The foam inside this paintball mask is top-quality and has a good blend of soft and plushy material. The premium earpieces are firm and rigid but no pressure is put on the ears. The ear parts give off great hearing and solid protection to the ears. 

The standard dual-pane thermal lenses are used in Flex 8 to give clarity and fog prevention. These top-quality lenses give awesome vision and extensive field view. 

A drawback of the Flex 8 goggle is that it is very tight to wear. Although, they are not very restrained within the mask but still make sure to try it before. 

The mask provides full-length coverage which provides maximum protection. Its premium design not only protects the face of the player but also gives ultimate protection to the head. 

The Flex 8 mask comes with a goggle bag which keeps it safe and secure. This increases the durability of the mask as fewer chances of scratches are expected. 

Our Verdict

The Spectra Flex 8 is a notable fit for paintball beginners. It is designed to give you the best possible protection, free of fog, and with a great field of vision.

  • Provides great vision due to wide wraparound lenses.
  • Very convenient for talking, and offers great ventilation.
  • Full head and face coverage provides ultimate protection
  • Glasses can be very tight.

Cool Aggressive Design

9. V-Force Grill

V-Force Grill Paintball Masks

V-Force Paintball masks are the best in class when it comes to protection, comfort, and vision. It is known for its aggressive look, among other reasons. The wide assortment of colors and designs are obtainable to make you one cool-looking player. 

The lenses are small but still provide superb vision and a similar amount of outer sight. The smaller lenses benefit from a small glare so why not?

It is very easy to clean as it comes in one piece. The foam inside the mask is easily interchangeable and it makes the grill easier to clean.

The soft foam and adjustable head strap make this mask extremely comfortable for extended periods of time.

By pushing more air through your mask, the V-force patented airflow system keeps you cool and comfortable while playing in warm weather conditions.

Removing the lenses of the V-force grill is not only easy but quick. Squeezing the buckles and removing the black plastic clips are all needed to remove the lenses without the tools.

The mask compliments eyeglasses as well which is another reason why it is one of the best masks for glasses currently available. The separation between the two foams makes it easier to wear glasses with comfort.

Our Verdict

Overall, the V-Force Grill is best suited for someone looking for a fancy design along with high durability and high-end features. This mask has all you need to get an edge on the field.

  • One-piece design makes it very easy to clean.
  • Lenses can be changed without tools in a matter of seconds
  • Wide Variety of colors and patterns.
  • The foam inside of the mask is not very soft.
  • Eco can be heard while wearing the mask.

Best Paintball Mask for Beginners

10. Empire X-Ray

Empire X-Ray Paintball Masks

Empire has been around since the beginning of the sport. They produce some of the best paintball equipment on the market, including their Empire X-Ray paintball mask.

The design of this mask is focused on comfort, durability, and protection from debris from the field. The body is made up of industrial-grade plastic which not only makes it durable but flexible enough to bounce off any paintball coming toward you.

X-Ray features multiple air vents on the front, which makes it very breathable and easy to communicate with teammates.

It is a budget-friendly mask and provides pretty much satisfactory comfort at the asking price. The foam inside is rigid and not soft but not very harsh.

X-ray lenses are single-pane lenses which means it doesn’t prevent fog. However, the wide lenses make the visibility clear and do not form a distorted view. Moreover, the lens offers you a 180-degree field of view.

Durability is a major purpose of this mask. Although the X-Ray is not super comfortable, it gives you the ultimate protection and fits the majority of heads.

The mask also comes with an easy-to-remove visor. The visor is helpful on sunny days to keep the sunlight hitting directly on your eyes.

Our Verdict

The Empire X-Ray is best suited for someone a little tight on budget. It is surely not the most comfortable mask but it does offer ultimate protection. And the best part is its budget-friendly price.

  • The Empire X-ray is a budget-friendly option.
  • Provides ultimate protection
  • Comes with a Visor
  • Not very comfortable
  • Goggle’s leashes are not very well made

Best Paintball Masks – Buyer’s Guide

Paintball Buyers Guide

Now that we have reviewed the Top 10 Paintball Masks. It’s time to look at the factors you should consider before buying a paintball mask. Choosing the right paintball mask is very crucial. It determines your in-game performance and ensures your safety. 

In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, I have highlighted the elements such as comfort, design, visibility, and safety 

1. Durability

Durability in Paintball Masks

Durability is one of the factors to look at when deciding to buy a paintball mask. After all, you will expect the mask to run long and it should be a one-time investment. You should never compromise on top-quality materials that can hold out against harsh and troublesome circumstances.

The material used in various paintball masks is mostly hard/solid plastic. This is a very durable and repellent stuff but can be harsh and tight if used of low quality.

The facial area coverings are made up of soft material which gives them flexibility as well as durability. 

If we talk about lenses, dual-pane thermal lenses are protective lenses and are much longer-lasting than single-pane ones.

The dual-pane lenses fight with unsuitable conditions, says Fog. It gives a clear vision so you have less risk of getting it damaged.

Finally, find elements that can serve you well in rough and tough situations. Make sure to wear the mask to ensure comfort and check the materials used in construction that assure durability.

2. Weight


Players often ignore this factor, but weight is one very important factor to be considered. The weight of the paintball mask can impact your gameplay and entire performance on the field.

Imagine carrying a high-weight mask on your head all day, feels exhausting just imagining that, isn’t it? You can play your best when you have a burden on your head.

Plus, it may get difficult to carry around as well. Our recommendation will be to buy a mask that is lightweight, around 1 to 2 lbs. It feels light on the head and is suitable for long-day games.

The lightweight mask lessens the burden on your neck and head resulting in increasing your performance. As mentioned above, between 1 to 2 lbs is just the perfect weight that you can carry around your neck and head without feeling burdensome. Anything sturdier than that will make your performance slow and down.

3. Comfort

Comfort in Paintball Masks

Comfort makes and breaks the game, to be honest. You will never want to feel distracted in the middle of the game just because your mask is very uncomfortable. The comfort of the mask is essential because it helps you perform your best.

The best mask that serves you with the best comfort is the one that you don’t hassle adjusting. The foam padding inside the mask that covers your facial length properly should be soft and comfortable.

Sensitive parts are protected with good quality foam paddings like the nose and ears. It offers exceptional safety as well as comfort. A foam padding absorbs the shocks and you will be safe and secure in harsh situations.

A good strap system is also a very important consideration. The goggles and chin straps help you adjust the mask according to your comfort and choices. The adjustable straps serve you in the best form so your mask won’t bother you during the play.

4. Design

Design in Paintball Masks

Let’s be honest, Who doesn’t want to look all cool in the play? There are a lot of options available in the market today. From the colors to the shape and structure, everything has a wide range.

The sizes, interior spaces, and shape are so many things to consider as far as the design and detailing of the mask are concerned. The shape should give you some free space to wear eyeglasses.

The overall style and design of the paintball mask are more of a private concern. There are different designs obtainable. Some masks are tough in appearance and some are very light and soothing. You can get one according to your style and preferences.

The paintball game itself is quite strong so players will mostly want to consider buying the mask that makes them look tough in the game. After all, how you look boosts your confidence. The V-Force, Empire EVS, and Dye as mentioned earlier are paintball masks with great designs and a vast range of colors.

5. Visibility

Visibility in Paintball Mask

You can never compromise on the factor of visibility. Because if your vision is compromised, you are more likely to fall out of the game shortly. The lens is a significant component of your paintball mask. You require a range of vision as extensive as attainable. 260 or 270 degrees of wide-field sight is necessary to perform your best.

High-definition paintball lenses provide for more explicit and more visible sight in all illumination circumstances. The anti-reflective layer eliminates reflections hence improving the image.

On the other hand, tinted paintball lenses are suitable for low light conditions (nighttime) and unpredictable climate situations.

Finally, the smoked paintball lenses diminish shine and dazzle in very bright light situations. They have a small inclination and change their color according to lighting situations. They are exemplary for sunny day games.

You will have to choose what fits you the best according to your form of play and other factors.

6. Ear Protection

Ear Protection in Paintball Masks

The ear is a sensitive part, when a paintball with the highest speed hits you on the ear it may cause severe injury or internal damage to the ear. The paintball mask with a softly dual-padded system is considered the best option.

The dual padded feature of the paintball mask absorbs shock leaving your ears unbothered hence protecting your ears in all circumstances. A good paintball mask should contribute adequate ear padding that ideally adjusts throughout the ears without affecting your hearing.

Investing in a good paintball mask with enhanced padding technology is what you need to up your performance.

Dye and V-force are our top picks that give incredible ear protection as well and do not reduce the sound hearing and communication of the player being so comfortable.

Ear protection is one of the most necessary factors to consider when buying a paintball mask. You cannot risk those ears as the paintball hit can cause serious damage to the ears.

7. Air Ventilation

Air Ventilation in Paintball Masks

Air ventilation cannot be forgotten when considering buying a paintball mask. This is one very important factor that affects your gameplay and your performance. The heat formed inside the mask can fog up the goggles

A proper venting system is not very common in most paintball masks. But some of the masks have an excellent airflow system that allows the hot air to flow out. A formation is formed where the cool air comes inside and the hot air circulates. As a result, more breathability and no fog.

Communication is also affected when there is less ventilation process. So it is recommended to buy a mask with an adequate airflow system for your frequent communication with your teammates. A good and comfortable paintball mask has vent holes and space inside.

Make sure to consider this important factor and check if the mask gives an adequate amount of airflow and ventilation.

8. UV Protection

UV Protection

UV protection is an inescapable element in paintball masks. The possibility of long gameplays and constant exposure to the sun can harm your eyes more than you think.

It is imperative to choose a mask that can give a suitable amount of protection from harmful UV rays. Most paintball masks have a UV protective coating over the lenses. Which as a result, protects your eyesight and vision in long battles on the field.

With that in mind, we advise you to choose a mask that is furnished with a UV protection layer. Oppositely, your eyesight and vision can undergo some hardship consequently. It is necessary to ensure your game doesn’t do any destruction to your body parts.

9. Fog Resistant

Fog Resistant in Paintball Masks

Fogging is a big issue that appears with climate or less ventilation system installed in the mask. Either way, fogging can become very annoying and it can affect your gameplay tremendously. The distortion caused by the fog can down your performance.

Vision performs the utmost role to play the best of your game. Fog resistance is also very crucial for your safety and security. If the fog keeps annoying you. You will not only perform poorly but also can get serious damage due to lack of vision. It is smart to choose the paintball masks that come with a fog-resistant layer to stop the continuous fogging up of your mask amid a game.

Fortunately, various masks are available in the market that have fog resistance properties. You wouldn’t want to lack your power just because you cannot have a clear vision. Hence, we firmly recommend you buy fog-resistant paintball masks. 

10. Scratch Resistant 

Scratch Resistant

Even if we look at our normal eye spec, our vision is affected if our glasses have scratches. The paintball goggles work the same way. The scratches on the glasses affect clarity resulting in low performance and damage.

The scratch-resistant property is directly proportional to the durability of the goggles. Scratch-resistant goggles give longevity to the mask. You don’t want to invest again and again. Seeking anti-scratch property is crucial if you want to make it a one-time investment.

Along with the scratch-resistant property, you also get a goggle bag in various brands that helps you keep your goggles safe while carrying them. So no unnecessary things can impact the longevity of the goggles.

The anti-scratch property can make the paintball goggles suitable to suck more powerful influences and result in no scratches.

It is a super unique and very crucial feature for the safety and better performance of paintball masks.

11. Chin Straps

Chin Straps in Paintball Masks

Quality chin straps are crucial and are found in various top-quality paintball masks. Paintball is a dangerous sport with many powerful actions. So it is important to make some adjustments according to your size and comfort.

The chin straps allow you to fit the mask on your face comfortably. Many chin straps come with detachable properties so you can remove those if you don’t want them for some reason.

The chin straps have a vital role in safety in low or high-profile matches. If you don’t have a chin strap then it can expose the chin in intense fights which may cause serious damage to your chin.

Another factor for which the chin strap is important is comfort. If your chin area is tight and secure you can play at your best in all dynamics.

A good quality chin strap is important so that you don’t get strap irritability on your chin during the match. Make sure to wear and check before purchasing to buy the best one for yourself.

Factors to consider before buying a paintball mask

Here are some of the other basic factors that you should consider before buying a paintball mask.

1. Brand

Similar to various other products, paintball masks have a lot of manufacturers. And all the competitors run ahead in many things. A good brand of paintball masks like many other products is important.

Every brand has unique characteristics that make their paintball masks different in their own way. Therefore all the brands are noticeable and identifiable by the shoppers. 

The different variations of different paintball masks’ price ranges differ because of style, features, and qualities. A few of the low-priced and famous paintball mask brands that you will see are Virtue, Dye, V-Force, and Empire.

You should not compromise on a “good game” and invest your time in finding the perfect paintball mask for yourself. The more you find out about the brands and prices, the more you will be able to pick your favorite one. Our guide will help you find the perfect mask for you based on price range and features.

2. Price

The price of paintball masks varies from brand to brand and model to model. Many manufacturers offer many features at a reasonable price. Some are very high grade so the price range is higher too.

Price range is one very important factor to consider, researching about the products gives you more knowledge about them and hence you can buy yourself good quality products that fit your price range too.

High-grade and top-quality products may cost more. But if you don’t want to compromise on quality and everything then you might need to spend a few dollars more.

We suggest you thoroughly go through every product and find what fits the best in your budget and where you don’t have to compromise on your gameplay.

3. Reviews

Some people don’t find it necessary to read reviews of the product. Reviews are genuine reactions of people although thoughts vary from person to person but reading the reviews helps you understand better the drawbacks and advantages of the product.

We learn better from experiences. People sharing their experiences of using the product gives us more knowledge than reading the description only.

Buyers should always read positive as well as negative reviews so they don’t buy a product that doesn’t fit them or that is so similar to what it is shown.

We advise you to read and take reviews seriously for a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

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Final Words – Wrapping it up

When going in a game of paintball, keeping your paintball mask with you is the basic safety precaution that you should take. You need to keep in mind certain things when buying a paintball mask for yourself.

You need to take care of your comfort as they come in different sizes according to your head. Although, there is a strap available for adjusting the size, at the back still it is recommended to get a mask of your own size.

Keeping your mask in good condition is the key to its durability, keeping it clean and preventing fogging can increase the life of the mask and also the gameplay experience.

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Happy Paintballing!

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