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How Much does Paintball Cost

Paintball is a sport enjoyed by many people around the world. It’s one of those activities that you can play for hours and not get bored with. With so many paintball fields in the United States, it’s never been easier to get involved with this adrenaline-filled activity. But how much does paintball cost, anyway?

The average cost of paintball can vary on several factors such as how many games you play, what type of gear you need, and how much your local fields are charging.

This blog post will break down how much it truly costs to play paintball. We’ll also discuss some tips that you should follow to reduce the cost of playing paintball.

How much does a day of paintball cost?

Let’s just say there is a wide range of prices out there, so we’ll try and limit those as best we can. 

A single day of paintball can cost anywhere between 20 and to 120$ per person. We know that it is still a pretty rough figure, so let’s further break it down.

1. Feild Entry Fees

Paintball Fields usually charge about 10 to 30$ per game depending on where you live. This usually includes a free air tank refill (if needed). The entry fees of paintball fields are also determined by their size and location. If you are playing at an indoor field the fee may be higher than if you played on an outdoor field.

Moreover, most paintball fields offer special discounts to new players, so it is a good idea to get in touch with your local field.

Edit:  Most fields offer free gun rental on the day of your birthday! Just be sure to bring an ID with proof of age.

2. Rental Equipment Cost

If you don’t have your own paintball gear, or if you’re just starting out, renting equipment from the field is a great option. Apart from that, most fields require players to use their rental gear, so it’s best to check with them beforehand.

The cost of rental equipment usually ranges from 30 to 50$. This price includes a paintball gun, mask, and sometimes basic protection such as a chest plate, etc. On top of that, the gun comes with an air tank and a fully loaded hopper containing around 200 paintballs. So, you are pretty much good to go paintballing.

Cost of Owning Your Own Paintball Equipment

If you are looking to buy your own gear, the cost of a basic paintball setup will usually cost about 300 – 600$. This price includes a mechanical paintball marker, mask, hopper, air tank, and pants.

You can also purchase optional equipment such as gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads which will protect you from getting bruises but will further increase the cost.

Let’s have a look at the individual price of these paintball equipment.

1. Paintball Marker

Paintball markers come in a wide range of prices, with some high-end paintball markers costing you around 2000$. Since our main focus is to keep the cost within the budget we will be focusing only on affordable but quality paintball markers.

A good quality entry-level paintball marker can cost you around 100 to 300$. You can also check out our buying guides about the best paintball guns for under 200 and 300 bucks in order to make an informed decision.

2. Paintball Mask

A paintball mask is an important piece of equipment and should be considered while purchasing your gear. A good quality mask usually costs around 50 to 100$. Moreover, masks with thermal lenses and other added features can go up to 150$ or more.

There are a wide variety of masks to choose from and one might get confused. So here is our detailed buyer’s guide about some of the best paintball masks. Make sure that you find the one that suits your need as well as your budget.

3. Paintball Hopper

The hopper or the loader is the container that sits on top of the gun and holds the paintballs. The cost of a basic gravity-fed hopper ranges from 15 to 25$, but there are high-end electronic hopper models that can reach prices up to 150$.

You can check out our buyer’s guide about the best paintball hoppers for under 50 to 100 bucks to make an informed decision that fits your needs.

4. Air Tank

The air tank is connected to the marker with a hose, which holds compressed air or CO2. The cost of the air tank ranges from 40 to 60$ depending on its size and the type of gas it holds.

Generally, HPA tanks are more expensive than CO2 tanks, but they provide better performance and cost less to refill. So in the long run, an HPA tank will be a more budget-friendly option.

5. Paintball Pants

Last but not least, paintball pants are an essential part of your gear and should be comfortable as well as affordable. Good quality paintball pant usually costs around 30 to 50$. You can also check out our detailed buyer’s guide about the best paintball pants for the money.

Combined Cost

So, in conclusion, the total cost of owning your own basic paintball gear ranges from 300$ to 600$, depending on the quality and type of equipment you purchase. This price may seem high for some but it is a one-time investment that will last you for years if taken care of properly.

Does owning your Paintball Gear Costs More?

Yes, owning your paintball gear may cost more but it does have its own benefits.

First and foremost, by owning your own gear you will not have to pay rental fees every time you go out to play. This can quickly add up, especially if you play often. Second, owning your own gear means that you can customize it to fit your needs and preferences. You can add attachments, optics, etc to make it your own.

Last but not least, owning your own gear means that you are responsible for taking care of it and maintaining it properly. This includes cleaning and proper storage when not in use.

So, is it better to own your Paintball Gear?

It depends on your personal preferences. If you are the type of guy that is dedicated to the game then you should definitely invest in good gear. This will not only boost your performance but might also save you money in the long run. After all, it wouldn’t be smart at all to pay for rental equipment every week or 2-3 days a week.

On the other hand, if you are a new player that is exploring paintball as a new outdoor hobby then you should not invest in your own gear. Trust me, you don’t wanna be that guy who spends 100s of dollars on his own gear only to find out he is not interested in paintball anymore.

How to Save Money on Paintball Cost?

There are a few ways that you can use to save money on paintball costs.

1. Outdoor Fields are less expensive

Consider going to an outdoor field rather than an indoor field. Outdoor fields usually have lower rates and you also get to play in a more realistic environment.

2. Paintballing with Friends

Try to go paintballing with a group of friends instead of going alone. This will help split the fuel and other side costs and will surely make the game more fun.

3. Rent gear instead of owning one

Third, rent gear instead of buying your own. This is a great option for players who are new to this game and are not sure if they want to invest in their own gear quite yet.

4. Field Membership

If you are an avid paintballer then this one is for you. Most paintball fields provide annual membership that can reduce your entry fee up to 30 to 50%. You can also find local deals and discounts offered by these paintball stores and fields.

5. Buy Paintballs in Bulk

Most paintball fields have a strict “Field Paint Only” policy that doesn’t allow players to use outside paint due to their so-called “safety purposes”. However, you can still save money on paint by buying paintballs in bulk.

Suppose, you and your friend use an average of 1000 paintballs in a day individually. Instead of buying four packs of 500 paintballs, you should buy a case of 2000 paintballs. It will be good enough for you and your friend.

Generally, paintballs are cheaper when you buy them in bulk. A pack of 500 paintballs might cost you about 25$ each which is 100$ for 4 packs. On the other hand, a case of 2000 paintballs costs around 50 to 60$.

Is it worth buying a paintball package?

If you are a beginner, then it is not recommended that you purchase your own paintball gear package. It would be better if you rent the necessary gear from a local field or store until you decide whether or not you want to continue playing.

However, if you are an experienced player and you know that you will be playing frequently, then purchasing your own gear is definitely the way to go. This will save you money in the long run.

There are many different packages available for purchase and each one has its own benefits. A paintball package should include basic paintball gear such as a marker, a good-quality mask, a hopper, and an air tank. Check each gear price separately and then compare their combined prices with the price of the package.

Do some research and find the package that best suits your needs. Buying a package may seem like an expensive upfront cost but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Paintball is an expensive sport. However, if you are smart about it, you can definitely save money on paintball costs. Consider the tips that I have provided in this article and you will be good to go. Have fun and enjoy the game!

Happy Paintballing!

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