How to Clean Paintball Masks? – The Ultimate Guide

Paintball masks can get pretty nasty over time. Not only do they collect the paint that you’re trying to avoid, but they also accumulate bacteria, sweat, and all sorts of other yucky stuff. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to clean paintball masks properly so that it looks and smells like new again.

How to Clean Paintball Masks

What Products are required to clean your Paintball Mask?

To clean your paintball mask, you probably don’t need much. In fact, all you need is a micro-fiber cloth or a paper towel, lukewarm water, and cleaning supplies at hand to get the job done.

  1. Micro Fibre Cloth
  2. Lukewarm Water
  3. Mild Lens Cleaner

How to Clean Paintball Masks – Step by Step Guide

Cleaning a paintball mask may not be the most exciting task in the world, but it is definitely important if you want to keep your gear in good condition. We will walk you through the steps of how to clean paintball masks properly. So, whether your mask is just starting to get dirty or needs a deep cleaning, follow these tips and you’re paintball masks will be as good as new.

1. Inspecting the Lens

2. Cleaning the exterior body

3. Cleaning the interior body

4. Cleaning the Lens

Benefits of Cleaning your Paintball Mask

There are several benefits of cleaning your paintball mask. Not only does it help the mask to last longer. But it also makes you look like a pro player that cares about their equipment. However, these are not the only benefits of cleaning your paintball mask. In fact, it was just the tip of an iceberg. There are a lot of other benefits of cleaning your paintball mask which is as follows.

1. Cleaning a paintball mask makes it last longer

Paintball masks are one of the most expensive paintball gears, so you definitely want to make them last as long as possible. By cleaning your paintball mask at regular intervals, you can actually make it last longer.

Most masks are made of plastics which are sensitive to the environment. Specifically, they are sensitive to UV light and sand grains. Therefore, by keeping them clean you can prevent these particles from getting stuck in the mask’s pores and damaging its outer shell or inner parts.

2. Provide you with a Clear Vision

One of the most obvious benefits of cleaning your paintball mask is that it provides you with a clear vision. Most of the time, paint and debris accumulate on the lens, making it prone to fogging up. This might become an obstacle in your vision. However, this problem can be easily prevented by regularly cleaning your mask.

3. Cleaning a paintball mask makes it smell better

We’ve all been there. There was this one time when we got a bit careless and didn’t clean out our paintball mask for some time. We were excited to play our next game, so we just picked up the gun and started playing as soon as we could. However, what happened next wasn’t very pleasant at all.

After a few games, we started noticing that something smelled really bad inside our mask. How do you fix this problem? How do you get rid of the smell? Well, the answer is quite simple: You clean your paintball mask! If you want to know how to clean paintball masks with ease, make sure to keep on reading until the end of this article.

4. Ensures your Personal Safety

Another reason why you should always clean your paintball mask is to ensure your personal safety. Dirt and debris from paintballs can block the air vents and reduce the breathability of your paintball masks, which prevents them from getting the fresh air from outside.

How does this affect you? Well, not breathing enough air or breathing in moist and hot air can cause serious health problems. Moreover, the sweat and dust can also get absorbed in the foam padding which provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Since the foam padding comes directly in contact with your face, it can cause skin irritation and acne along with a number of other skin-related problems.

5. Improves your on-field performance

If you keep your mask clean, it will get rid of the funky smell and will be more comfortable for you to wear. In other words, by keeping it clean, you will also improve your on-field performance. It will help you stay focused on the game instead of getting distracted by the smell or unclear/foggy vision.

Most Paintball masks tend to fog up when they get dirty or aren’t properly taken care of. And if that happens, then all sorts of bad things could also happen. For example, You could lose track of where someone is shooting from. Or maybe even miss their entire team hiding behind a bunker or something else like that – which would be devastating in a paintball game.

How often should you clean your Paintball Mask?

Now that we’ve established all the benefits of regularly cleaning out your paintball masks it’s time for us to answer another important question: How often should you clean them? Although, the right answer differs from place to place and person to person. However, the general rule of thumb is that you should clean your paintball mask after every single game.

Of course, this might sound like overkill but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember, cleaning a paintball mask is not that hard and it can actually provide you with multiple benefits which we’ve mentioned above. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is letting their dirty paintball sit overnight or for a couple of days. This will dry up the paint and it will get difficult to come off especially from the lens.

Tips for transporting and storing your Paintball Masks

Here are some proven transportation tips you can apply in order to make your paintball masks last longer. 

1. Use a proper mask cover

Whenever your paintball mask is not in use, place it in a proper mask cover. For those who don’t want to buy a dedicated mask cover, you can also use the same packaging box your paintball mask comes with. This will not only protect your masks from dust and sunlight but it will help absorb some of the impacts in case of a sudden drop or blow.

2. Storing the paintball masks on top of everything

When packing your bag for paintball, make sure that you place your masks on top of everything. Although paintball masks are built to be durable and can take all sorts of impacts and hits coming your way, you still need to take some necessary caution when they are not in use.  In severe cases, this can result in deformity or cracks in your paintball masks. By placing your mask on top of everything you will have peace of mind that the mask is not under stress by the weight of your other gears.

3. Make sure that mask is covered in protection.

Even when carrying your mask in a gear bag, make sure that mask is properly covered. For this, you can use a hoodie or paintball jersey and wrap it around your paintball mask. This will further ensure that the mask is safe in case of impact. 

Final Words – Wrapping it up

No matter how often you play, there will always be a chance that your paintball mask will get dirty. It’s inevitable. Keeping your mask clean is one of the most important parts of maintaining your gear. It’s also one of the easiest.

A well-maintained paintball mask will not only keep you safe while playing, but it will also help your game by reducing fogging and keeping paintballs out of your face. If you want to get the best results when cleaning your gear, we recommend using a solvent designed specifically for cleaning paintball equipment.

Lastly, avoid using any abrasive brush that might damage the surface of your mask. Make sure that you only wipe your lens with a soft micro-fiber cloth or else you might end up scratching or damaging the protective thermal layer of the lens.

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