Dye i4 vs i5 Paintball Mask – Which One’s Best?

Dye i4 vs i5

When it comes to paintball, investing in a high-quality paintball mask that fits your needs as well as your budget is totally worthwhile. Although there are a lot of high-quality paintball masks available on the market, the best ones are manufactured by Dye. The question is which one of the Dye i4 vs i5 is the best?  

Dye manufacture high-quality masks that provide ample protection whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors. They have many varieties available so it is necessary that you find a mask according to your liking and needs. In this article, we are comparing two of the best paintball masks, Dye i4 and Dye i5, so that you can choose a mask that is suitable to your needs. 

Dye i4 vs i5 – The Clash of the Best Paintball Masks

Although the dye i4 and dye i5 look very similar and have many similar specifications, they also have many unique and vital distinctions which set them apart. To assist, we have added in-depth reviews and key comparative specifications to help you figure out the mask you need.

The Dye i4 Paintball Mask

Dye Precision I4

Although the two masks are quite similar they still have various key differences. First, let’s have an in-depth review of the dye i4 paintball mask. The Dye i4 is considered more of a basic choice when it comes to paintball masks because of its lightweight design. The light and small design are important features, making it fall into the light category. 

Even Though the mask is considered small, its spectacular design still offers an amazingly high peripheral field of vision featuring a 290-degree viewing angle. Moreover, the Dye i4’s lens is equipped with anti-fog technology.

With these lenses, you don’t have to worry about fog building up thanks to its double pane thermal lenses and anti-distortion technology.

Even though these are the key features, the Dye i4 still includes many others too. Especially, the dye’s proprietary double-layer foam which offers amazing comfort to the wearer.

While staying on the topic of comfort, the Dye i4 includes soft and flexible earpieces which offer adequate protection to your ears so they don’t get injured while playing. Moreover, it offers amazing sound clarity in and out for players who like to incorporate voice communication into the game.

Thanks to its quick change lens technology, the mask enables you to change the lenses in less than 10 seconds, as long as you know how to do them. Moreover, the Dye i4 mask offers amazing breathability so that you are perfectly ventilated without having to fear the airflow being constricted.

The Dye i4 is offered in various different color options, and you can choose one that matches your personal style and liking.

However, the Dye i4 paintball mask lacks some features. Firstly it lacks sufficient chin protection which can be quite uncomfortable for the wearer. Secondly, it does not feature a replaceable foam which is a specification included in its competitor the dye i5 mask.

Nonetheless, the Dye i4 is an amazing product and offers amazing physical protection as well as reliable UV protection. It is an affordable and cost-friendly option for players who are on a budget and is recommended for players with smaller or medium-sized heads. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Dual Pane Anti-Fog thermal lens.
  • 290 Degree Amazing field of view.
  • Multi-layered foam.
  • Lacks full face protection
  • Non-replaceable foam

The Dye i5 Paintball Mask

Dye i5

As we have already mentioned that the dye i4 and dye i5 have similarities between them but also have different key specifications now we will indulge in the main features of dye i5. First of all, the dye i5 is considered the advanced version of the dye i4 because it includes the features that the i4 lacks. 

The dye i5 is the perfect paintball mask for foggy and poor weather conditions thanks to its dual pane anti-fog thermal lens. The lens offers a great field of vision of 290-degree and ensures that the player sees clearly even in dark and foggy weather

Moreover, the lens has a thermal double panel lens which helps stabilize the moisture. The lens also increases the player’s field of vision by allowing them to use their peripheral vision both vertically and horizontally.

Apart from offering amazing vision, the dye i5 offers ultimate protection as well. Talking about protection, the Dye i5 provides more facial coverage thanks to its slightly bigger size than the i4. This means that it also provides better chin protection and breathability than i4.

Moreover, the dye i5 comes with soft and comfortable earpieces that ensure protection in case you get hit from the sides. With all the amazing physical protection, it also offers protection from UV rays. 

The Dye i5 features multi-layered cushioned foam that makes sure no moisture seeps in along with providing you ultimate comfort. On top of that, they are replaceable. 

Some other great feature that the dye i5 includes is sound clarity. You will be much more aware of your surroundings with the dye i5 because of its better voice quality than the dye i4.

This paintball mask also has a super easy turn dial strap adjustment which offers amazing tension control so that the strap is not too loose nor too tight. 

The dye i5 offers more than 20 different color options. Along with style it has amazing ventilation and is constructed in a way that fits right according to your face shape. It is not too loose and not too tight as you can still wear glasses underneath the mask. 

Lastly, another special feature that the dye i5 includes is that it is compatible with the wireless eVOKE Air Sync system, which enables you to communicate your paintball gun through voice commands.

  • Offers more facial coverage, better breathability.
  • 290 Degree Amazing field of view.
  • Adjustable dial strap
  • Multi-layered replaceable foam.
  • Great mask but slightly expensive.
  • Slightly Loose For smaller heads

Dye i4 vs i5 – Key Differences

1. Adjustable Dial Strip

The dye i5 includes an easy turn dial strap adjustment which you can tighten or loosen by turning the dial clockwise or anti-clockwise. This makes it easier for the player to wear and remove the mask rapidly for some cool air after a tough game.

While the dye i4 offers the standard loop straps which you can manage with your finger. In this aspect, the dye i5 is comparatively better than dye i4 and offers more sturdiness.

2. More Face Coverage 

The dye i4 lacks in providing proper chin protection due to it being small. While the dye i5 is bigger than the dye i4 and offers more facial coverage. Even Though both paintball masks provide ultimate protection, the dye i5 offers more safety and coverage than the dye i4 thanks to its slightly bigger size, especially for players with large faces or more defined jawlines.

3. Better Breathability 

Both the dye i4 and the dye i5 offer amazing breathability and ventilation throughout the game. However, unlike the dye i4, the dye i5 offers multi-directional ventilation which makes sure that the airflow is not constricted.

It also allows the heat and moisture to move out of the mask quickly so that moisture does not gather inside the mask and disrupts the player’s ability to see. 

4. Quick Replaceable foam 

The dye i5 offers a replaceable foam insert so that you can change the foam quickly and effectively if it gets damaged during the game or just need cleaning. It only takes a few seconds to change and you’re ready to go. However, the i4 lacks replacement foam, unfortunately.

You can still tear out the old foam and use the dye i5 foam insert with a DIY effort that requires adhesive, basic tools, and time. In our opinion, replaceable foam is essential since it wouldn’t be wise to throw away a perfectly fine mask just because the foam got damaged.

5. eVOKE Wireless Air Sync 

The dye i5 offers compatibility with the eVOKE wireless air sync system. This system enables you to view information such as game time, shot tracking, eliminations as well as paint supply in your paintball mask. This feature is not compatible with the dye i4.

6. Budget-Friendly 

Even though both the paintball masks are quite similar, they still have their distinctions. The price difference between the masks is around $50 – $60. However, if you look at the features, the dye i5 offers more value for the money.

For a few more bucks, you will be getting replaceable foam, a turn-dial strapping system, better facial coverage, better ventilation, better sound quality, compatibility to use the eVOKE system, and lastly Go-pro mounting compatibility.

Final Words – Wrapping it up 

Both the dye i4 and the dye i5 paintball masks offer ultimate comfort and protection. In the end, it all comes down to the player’s personal preference. If you have a smaller or medium head or you’re on a budget go for the dye i4.

The i4 basically offers the same features apart from a few exceptions. However, if you’re not on a budget, opt for the dye i5 as you can’t go wrong with it. Moreover, the dye i5 provides more features for only $50 more.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand both products completely. And the comparison in the key features helped you figure out the paintball mask you want to purchase according to your liking and needs.

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