Best Paintball Guns Under 200 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Paintball Guns under 200

Let’s be real, “Paintball is an expensive sport.” With some high-end paintball guns costing around half a grand, it is difficult for a person who’s tight on budget to buy a decent marker without breaking the bank. That’s why we have reviewed the 10 Best Paintball Guns under 200 bucks that are currently available on the market. 

Spending less money shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality, performance, and other essential features. Fortunately, there are some paintball brands that are known to provide the best value for your money.

Pro Tip: By spending less money on guns, you may get a chance to invest more in other paintball gears such as masks, electronic hoppers, high-performance barrels, and of course, an HPA tank.

So, without further delay. Let’s jump straight to the comparison table.

Best Paintball Guns Under 200

Image Marker Features    
Tippmann Cronus Tactical Tippmann Cronus Tactical Propellent: HPA or CO2.
9 inches barrel.
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
Tippmann TMC MAGFED Tippmann TMC MAGFED Propellent: HPA or CO2
12 inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
Tippmann Stormer Elite Tippmann Stormer Elite Propellent: HPA or CO2
9.75 inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
Azodin Kaos 3 Azodin Kaos 3 Propellent: HPA or CO2
12 inches barrel
Blowback Firing System
Check Price
Spyder Fenix Electronic Spyder Fenix Electronic Propellent: HPA or CO2
11 inches barrel
EKO Valve Air System
Check Price
Tippmann Cronus Basic Tippmann Cronus Basic Propellent: HPA or CO2
9 inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
Spyder Victor Spyder Victor Propellent: HPA or CO2
10 inches barrel
Blowback Firing System
Check Price
JT Stealth JT Stealth Paintball Gun Propellent: HPA or CO2
9 inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
Valken SW-1 Blackhawk Valken SW-1 Blackhawk Propellent: HPA or CO2
8.5 inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price
US Army Alpha Elite US Army Alpha Elite Propellent: HPA or CO2
12 Inches barrel
Proven In-line bolt system
Check Price

1. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Tippmann is known as the pioneer of making durable and reliable paintball guns at a budget-friendly price. The Cronus Tactical is also not an exception to the above statement. It is considered the best option for beginners who are a little tight on budget but don’t wanna compromise on quality. 

The body is primarily made up of high-impact composite material, which to my surprise, is pretty sturdy and looks very durable. The inner components of the gun are sleeved inside an aluminum casing which protects it from blows and drops.

The grips of this gun are rubber-made and have a very comfortable feel while holding. 

Unlike the Cronus Basic, the tactical version comes with a collapsable stock with 5 adjustment points, a carry handle mounted on top, and a barrel shroud.

Apart from that, Tippmann also added Picatinny rails on top to mount scopes, laser pointers, and other upgrades. All of these upgrades give this gun a true tactical feel.

The barrel itself is an A5 threaded barrel that comes with a length of 9 inches. Despite the accuracy of this marker being reasonable, Tippmann should have increased the barrel length to further enhance the range and accuracy. Moreover, since A5 threaded barrels are rare to find these days you may get a hard time upgrading the barrel.

The Tippmann Cronus tactical is compatible with both HPA and CO2. Moreover, it has a firing rate of 8-10PBS, which is pretty impressive considering it is an entry-level marker. 

In general, If you want a quality gun while spending less money, the Tippmann Cronus Tactical is the best option you can find. Since it is a mechanical marker with the looks of an authentic AR-15 rifle, it will be good to go for both Woodsball and Milsim Paintball.

  • Durable and reliable build quality
  • Collapsable stock, barrel shroud, carry handle along with rails gives it a tactical feel.
  • Both HPA and CO2 compatible
  • Bang for the bucks price.
  • Accuracy of this gun is not pinpoint
  • A5 threaded barrels makes it hard to find replacement or upgrades

2. Tippmann TMC MAGFED


With the increasing popularity of Magfed paintball due to more realistic and hard-to-play gameplay. Magfed guns are in high demand. The Tippmann TMC Magfed is a great option for someone looking for a Magfed gun without spending a fortune. 

The receiver of this gun is made up of aluminum, while the grip casing is made up of plastic. TMC Magfed comes with a 12-inch single-piece high-performance barrel that has impressive accuracy.

The barrel is covered in an aluminum shroud with Picatinny rails on all sides for mounting scopes, foregrips, and other accessories. 

Since this gun comes with a Tippmann 98-threaded barrel, upgrading to an aftermarket barrel later is not a problem. Instead of using an external air transfer tube, The air transfer tube is kept internal to avoid ruining the tactical look of the gun. 

Let’s talk about the versatility of this gun, The Tippmann TMC comes with a 20-round magazine and despite being a magfed gun it can also be fed through a hopper.

Moreover, this gun can be operated on both CO2 as well as HPA. The Shoulder stock which is made up of plastic has 5 adjustable points, making the gun very easy to maneuver in tight corners.

A few of the drawbacks I found were that the magazine is pretty hard to load. Additionally, the magazine only lets you load 19 paintballs easily, although it is advertised as a 20 round magazine.

Apart from that, it features a semi-auto firing mode with impressive shot power and a rapid rate of fire, making this gun a true beast on the field.

Overall, thanks to the realistic tactical design, dual-fed system, budget-friendly price tag, and room for future upgrades. The Tippmann TMC Magfed is an ideal fit for beginners who are into Milsim Paintball as well as Woodsball.

  • Durable and reliable build quality.
  • The design and engronomics matches the aesthetics of a real-life AR-15 rifle
  • Both Magzine and hopper feeding option
  • HPA and CO2 compatible
  • The magzine only let you load 18-19 paintball easily
  • The magzine’s wheel is very small and quite difficult to rotate.

3. Tippmann Stormer Elite

Tippmann Stormer Elite

The Stormer Elite is yet another amazing entry-level marker offered by Tippmann. Thanks to the durability and reliability promised by Tippmann, the aesthetic looks and feel of a real-life assault rifle, and a reasonable price tag, this marker has made its name among paintball beginners.

The body of this gun is primarily made up of composite material that is lightweight and sturdy. Also, the 9.75-inch one-piece barrel is quite accurate and has a good range as well. The barrel itself is cased inside a removable shroud which comes out with just a push button.

There are three versions of the Tippmann Stormer. The Elite version we reviewed comes with a shoulder stock with 6 adjustable points, a foregrip, and a couple of 20-round magazines similar to the other Tippmann Magfed guns.

Moreover, Like the Tippmann TMC, this gun is also capable of feeding paintballs through the hopper.

It features Tippmann’s proven in-line bolt system known for its on-field performance and great shot power. The adjustable flip-up iron sight helps you shoot accurately.

It also features picatinny rails on top and bottom of the shroud for adding scopes, foregrips, laser, and other upgrades.

A couple of drawbacks I found were: Although the barrel is quite accurate, the length of the barrel is 9.75 inches which is quite short. Considering a lot of players like to use barrels between 12 to 14 inches in length. Secondly, like the TMC magazines, the Stormer Magzine only lets you put 19 paintballs easily.

Apart from that, the aesthetics of a real-life rifle, semi-automatic firing mode with an in-line bolt system, compatibility to shoot on both Magzine and hoppers, and tons of other great features along with a bang for the bucks price makes this gun a notable option for beginners.

  • Durable and Reliable.
  • Can be fed by both magzines and Hopper as well.
  • Budget friendly price.
  • Both HPA and CO2 compatible
  • Barrel is quite short.

4. Azodin Kaos 3

Azodin Kaos 3

The Azodin Kaos 3 is the newest addition to the Kaos Family by Azodin. Like the previous models, this gun is also packed with some great features. 

The weight of the marker is kept super light thanks to the use of aluminum and composite material for its body construction. It comes with a 12-inch horned barrel which is not only durable but accurate as well. 

Since it is a mechanical marker with a blowback firing mechanism, the firing rate is decent and pretty much depends upon your firing pace. Moreover, thanks to the double trigger frame, you can fire with both fingers. Hence, speeding up the firing rate even more. 

With the addition of a feather regulator, you can now tune up your marker according to your desired velocity. It also comes with a braided hose that covers the external piping, making it less prone to air leaks. The center-fed feedneck supports screw-based locking.

Being an entry-level marker, this gun is easier to maintain and operate. The bolt can be removed by pressing it in and then pulling it out to free it from its locking hole.

This also gives you access to the internals of the marker for further cleaning or lubing. Apart from the cleaning, this gun is also compatible with both HPA and CO2.

Enough of the features, now let’s talk about the drawbacks. Firstly, the marker is very noisy when shooting despite having a ported barrel. Moreover, the chance of paintball chopping inside the barrel is also there.

Overall, The Azodin Kaos 3 is a great marker for someone who is looking for maximum features on a limited budget. The lightweight and durable body, rapid firing rate, and compatibility of both HPA and CO2 make this marker an excellent choice for beginners.

  • Lightweight and durable frame.
  • Blowback Firing mechanism provides decent shot power.
  • Double trigger frame to enable fast shooting.
  • Can operate on both HPA and CO2
  • Very noisy while shooting
  • Often time Paintball get chopped inside the barrel.

5. Spyder Fenix Electronic

Spyder Fenix Electronic

Finding an electronic gun on a limited budget is nearly an impossible task. Fortunately, there are brands that are known to provide you with the best value for money. Kingsman Spyder is an excellent choice for someone looking for an electronic paintball gun without spending more than 200 bucks.

The overall design and ergonomics of this gun truly stand out. The size of the gun has been reduced significantly compared to the previous Fenix models to improve agility and handling.

It comes with an 11-inch ported spyder threaded barrel that has pretty decent accuracy. It also features a clamping feedneck, dual-textured grips, an inline regulator, fast-charging batteries, and a velocity adjuster.

The marker comes with three firing modes which include semi-auto, Ramp M, and Ramp PSP. It also features a 3-way adjustable magnetic response saber trigger.

Moreover, thanks to the Break Beam Eye aka Anti Chop system, and quick-release bolt removal, cleaning and maintenance have become much easier for this marker.

The Spyder’s own patent air efficient system known as EKO Valve allows this marker to shoot up to 1600 paintballs just from a CO2 tank of 20 ounces. Moreover, this gun also shoots at an impressive firing rate of 25 PBS.

A few things I didn’t like about this marker is that the responsive trigger is not as responsive as it was advertised. Secondly, the markers are pretty loud while shooting.

Apart from that, this marker can also operate on both HPA and CO2. All these features make this gun an ideal option if you are looking for an electronic marker.

  • EKO Valve allows this marker to shoot up to 1600 paintballs in one tank.
  • Being an electric marker, it has an impressive firing rate of 25 PBS.
  • Can be operated on both HPA and CO2.
  • Budget friendly price tag.
  • Responsive trigger is not as responsive as it was advertised.
  • Pretty Noisy while shooting.

6. Tippmann Cronus Basic

Tippmann Cronus Basic

When it comes to budget-friendly guns, Tippmann has a lot to offer. The Tippmann Cronus Basic is a perfect marker for someone looking for a durable and high-quality marker at a great value for money.

Cronus Basic has a high-impact composite body with soft molded rubber grips for an enhanced and comfortable grip. It features a Tippmann-proven in-line bolt system which provides impressive shot power to this marker.

The internal gas system also gives this gun a clean and MilSim look. The Tippmann Cronus can also be operated on both HPA and CO2 and shoots at an impressive firing rate of 8-10 PBS. Pretty cool features for such a low price, right? 

The barrel is a high-performance 9-inch ported barrel with the threading of a Tippmann A5. Cronus features four Picatinny rails on each side to mount accessories such as scopes and lasers.

Moreover, it also comes with Fixed sights on top and a vertical grip on the bottom of the marker. 

The features provided on Cronus Basic are similar to those in the tactical version except for the barrel shroud, shoulder stock, and carry handle. You can also buy all these parts separately if you later wish to upgrade your marker to the tactical version. 

Since this marker was designed keeping beginners in mind, Tippmann made sure that the marker’s easy to clean and understand. Also, it doesn’t require frequent internal cleaning.

One minor drawback I found was that the gun has an A5 threaded barrel which is hard to upgrade these days. Other than that, this gun is still highly customizable.

With an affordable price and several high-end features, the Tippmann Cronus Basic is easily a viable option for someone who just started playing paintball and is currently short on budget.

  • Highly durable and reliable.
  • Compatible with HPA and CO2.
  • Bang for the buck price.
  • The A5 threaded barrel can be hard to replace or upgrade.
  • Barrel is quite short.

7. Spyder Victor

Spyder Victor Paintball Gun

Spyder Victor is one of the classic paintball guns offered by the Kingsman Spyder. This gun is widely regarded as the most basic gun for players who are just starting out paintballing. For this specific reason, it is still the most-sold gun produced by Kingsman.

So, what exactly does Spyder do to make this gun so cheap yet durable? Let’s find out. The marker comes in very basic plastic packaging. The package includes the marker, a manual, a barrel plug, spare screws, and Allen wrenches.

The gun operates on a stacked tube blowback system, which shoots paintballs at 1-4 PBS.

Despite being an entry-level marker, Victor’s body is primarily made up of high-grade aluminum. The matte finish on the outside gives this gun a clean and premium look. It comes with a 10-inch barrel, which to my surprise, is pretty accurate for short distances.

Victor’s grips are rubber made which not only provides a comfortable grip but also reduces sweating. The hopper can be placed on the plastic feedneck which has a clamping mechanism. Moreover, this gun can operate on both CO2 and HPA as well.

Let’s discuss the few drawbacks of this marker. Firstly, the air-transfer tube doesn’t have any regulated system. Secondly, the accuracy of this marker is only good for short distances of about 50 – 60 feet. Lastly, paintball being chopped inside the breach is a pretty common issue in these guns.

Since it is an entry-level gun, not any of the above-mentioned drawbacks should be a make-or-break issue.

Overall, the features it offers at such a low price make it a great option for beginners looking to buy a nice entry-level marker without spending more money and intermediate players looking for a backup gun if their main gun malfunctions.

  • Aluminum body with matte-finish coating.
  • Compatible with both HPA and CO2
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Not accurate beyond 50-60 meters.
  • Air regulatory system is missing.

8. JT Stealth Paintball Marker

JT Stealth Paintball Gun

JT stealth is yet another amazing entry-level marker we have on our list. Considering the price tag, it’s a pretty decent gun with very basic features included.

The marker is durable and lightweight, thanks to the polymer body. On the other hand, the black color and simple design give this marker a tactical feel. Additionally, a double-finger trigger is also added to improve the ergonomics of the marker. 

Despite being a very cheap gun, the gas line has been kept internal. The 9-inch ported barrel has decent accuracy. It comes with a clamping feedneck, barrel plug, and a user manual. The vertical foregrip helps increase the agility and handling of this gun.

The bolt is very easy to remove. Hence, making the gun very easy to clean for a beginner. Moreover, the marker can be used with both HPA and CO2. It shoots up to 800 to 1200 paintballs with 20 oz CO2 and a little more with an HPA tank.

With this marker, it’s very hard to find upgrades. Some of the parts and replacements are also rare to find. Moreover, few players complain about paintball often getting chopped inside the barrel quite often.

Overall, it is a pretty solid marker for beginners. The simple and clean design makes it easier for beginners to maintain and clean the gun. Moreover, the low price of this gun makes it a good choice for absolute paintball beginners.

  • Durable and Lightweight.
  • HPA and CO2 compatible.
  • Internal gas line.
  • Double-finger trigger frame for fast shooting.
  • Upgrades and Replacements are hard to find.

9. Valken SW-1 Blackhawk

Valken SW-1 Blackhawk

With the Valken SW-1 Blackhawk, your wait for a durable and reliable marker at a budget price might be over. On first impression, you might mistake this marker for the Tippmann 98 Custom. In fact, the internals of this marker is also based on the 98 Custom.

The body is made up of corrosion-resistant Aluminum and Polymer, which are responsible for this gun’s lightweight and rigidness. It comes with an 8.5-inch ported barrel.

The barrel is pretty accurate and can shoot up to a distance of 150+ feet. Like most markers on this list, this marker can also operate on both HPA and CO2. However, to get maximum performance, using this marker with an HPA tank is recommended.

It features a clamping feedneck with an adjustable lever. The feedneck is also removable, making the cleaning and maintenance of this gun a lot easier.

Moreover, it also features adjustable sights and a removable foregrip. The MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail allows this marker to attach more upgrades like scope, laser, or sights.

Similar to most of the entry-level guns, you may experience paintball being chopped inside the barrel quite often.

Overall, this is a great choice for someone looking to buy their first marker. The price it asks for the given features is truly justified.

  • Tough and Sturdy build quality
  • Tippmann 98 internals
  • The barrel is pretty accurate and can shoot up to a distance of 150+ feet.
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Paintball getting chopped inside the barrel quite often.

10. US Army Alpha Elite

US Army Alpha Elite

The US Army Alpha Elite lets you experience what holding a real gun feels like, thanks to the realistic tactical design, which resembles the M16 rifles. The gun also has the same internals as the Tippmann 98 Custom, which makes it more durable and reliable as well.

The receiver and most of the body parts are made up of die-cast aluminum. It comes with a 12-inch ported barrel. The barrel is quite accurate and has an impressive range of 150+ feet.

You can also find tons of upgrade options if you ever feel the need, thanks to the wide availability of the Tippmann 98 threaded barrel. 

It also features a barrel shroud, 6-point adjustable shoulder stock, and a carry handle, which provides this gun with military aesthetics. The Picatinny rails can be used to mount scopes, lasers, or sights as well. 

The proven inline bolt system provides an impressive shot power to this marker. Alpha Elite has a decent fire rate similar to most Tippmann semi-automatic guns.

Although the firing rate can be increased with the addition of an electronic trigger. On top of that, this gun is also compatible with Tippmann’s cyclone feed system.

Apart from that, this marker is also compatible with both HPA and CO2. However, it is recommended to use an HPA tank to avoid pressure fluctuation while shooting.

One major drawback I found was the weight of the gun. It weighs about 5 lbs which can be very difficult to hold for longer periods. The marker also has a greater recoil as compared to other Tippmann makers.

Overall, this gun is a great option for someone looking for a paintball gun that is durable and has a tactical feel at a budget-friendly price.

  • Realistic tactical design.
  • The barrel is quite accurate and has an impressive range of 150+ feet.
  • The marker is also compatible with both HPA and CO2.
  • Cyclone fed system compatible.
  • Weights around 5 lbs, which is very heavy to hold to longer periods.
  • Major recoil issue as compared to other Tippmann guns.

Best Paintball Guns Under 200 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a paintball gun that fits your preferred playing style and budget is not an easy job. You are likely to get overwhelmed when there are tons of options available on the market.

That’s why, after thorough research, I have gathered some important factors that you should keep in mind while buying a paintball gun for under 200 bucks. 

Without further ado, let’s jump straight to our buying guide.

1. Electronic vs Mechanical Gun

Electronic vs Mechanical Gun

You must be wondering if the job of a paintball gun is just to shoot a paintball at a high velocity. So, what is the difference between an electronic and mechanical marker, and most importantly, which one is better?

Before we get into the debate of which type of paintball gun you should get. Let’s first take a look at how every paintball gun works. 

In all types of paintball guns, a bolt will load the paintball into the barrel. Simultaneously, the paintball is then sealed inside the barrel. After that, compressed gas is then injected quickly into the barrel, which creates pressure inside the barrel. This rapid increase in pressure results in shooting the paintball out.

While the process seems the same, there is a difference in both types of gun shooting mechanisms. Usually, mechanical markers use a spring action to load the paintball into the barrel, while electronic ones use batteries and a circuit board to do the job.

Both types of guns have their pros and cons. Electronic guns provide a rapid rate of fire, but they are also more costly and hard to maintain. On the other hand, mechanical guns are more reliable, cheap, and easier to maintain.

2. Woodsball vs Speedball

Woodsball vs Speedball

The format in which you like to play paintball is hands down the most important element when buying a paintball gun. There are three major formats of paintball which are: Woodsball, Speedball, and Military-Simulation Paintball. Each format requires some special characteristics from the gun. 

Woodsball, as the name suggests, is played in natural terrain or forest. Since the playing field consists of a large area with players very far from each other.

Woodsball games are much slower-paced and involve more strategic gameplay. Therefore the rapid rate of fire is not the top priority here. Instead, the range and accuracy of a gun are more crucial here. That’s why mechanical markers are good to go.

Speedball is played on a smaller field as compared to woodball. Due to the small space, players are close to each other, so range and accuracy are not the top priority here.

A lightweight gun that has a rapid rate of fire will work best for speedball. That’s why electronic markers are best suited for speedball.

MilSim paintball involves historical re-enactments and is more focused on roleplay. In MilSim, Military aesthetics are the top priority. Therefore any paintball marker with the looks and feel of a real-life tactical gun will do the job. Hence magfed guns are best suited for this format.

3. Your Playing Position

Paintball Playing Position

Whether you are a frontman, mid-player, floater, or sniper, your playing position matters a lot when looking to buy a paintball gun.

If you are one of those fearless guys who like to rush and slide, a paintball gun with a lightweight and rapid-fire rate will work well for you. Since you will be playing very close to the enemy, range, and accuracy will not be a thing to worry about.

Also, the gun should be of ideal length. Preferably small in size, that way you can find more angles without exposing much of your body. 

For Mid-players and floaters who like to play according to the situation, a gun that has a perfect balance of range, accuracy, and firing rate will be good to go.

For snipers or sharpshooters, who are more interested in more strategic and stealthy gameplay, a low rate of fire is not a concern. Instead, a paintball gun with excellent range and accuracy will work well. Moreover, the camo colors and skin of the gun’s body that blends well with the environment are a bonus point.

4. Level of Commitment to the game

Level of Commitment

You don’t want to be that new guy who spends a mad amount of money on a paintball gun and other gear, only to find out he has lost his interest and doesn’t want to play anymore.

If you have recently been introduced to paintball and now you are looking to buy a new gun. Don’t go for a high-level marker. Even if you have no plans for leaving paintball, a high-level marker won’t be of much help without the proper skills and experience. 

On the other hand, if you are an avid paintballer. You should invest in good gear and guns. Because apart from your skill, it is the gear that wins you matches.

Moreover, your playing frequency also matters a lot when buying a new gun. If you only play once a month or even twice a year. You should go for an entry-level to intermediate-level marker depending on the budget. While, if you play 3-4 times a week, then it is better to get yourself a high-level marker.

5. On-field performance

Paintball On-Field performance

The On-Field performance is regarded as the output your gun gives when on the field. The factors that affect the On-field performance are the firing mechanism, Shot power, the number of times a paintball gets chopped, or the gun malfunctions. 

Whether your gun uses an in-line bolt system, gamma core valve, or a poppet valve system, each firing mechanism has pros and cons. Some provide great shot power, some reduce the chances of paintball being chopped, and some are gas-efficient. 

For Speedball, a gas-efficient gun will be best suited to provide you with more gas for extra shots. On the other hand, for Woodsball, a gun with more shot power will work well due to the large distance between you and the opponent.  

Moreover, the frequency of paintballs getting chopped inside the barrel should be very low. You don’t want to ruin your day with a clogged or jam gun. Many markers nowadays come with Anti Chop Technology (ACT) which significantly reduces the chance of chipped paint.

6. Accuracy


Accuracy is very crucial in a paintball game. Therefore investing in a marker with proven accuracy is very important. When looking for a paintball gun on a limited budget, you can compromise on luxury features but not on accuracy since it is one of the most basic features of a paintball marker.

Usually, longer barrels tend to shoot more accurately. But, it is not a hard and fast rule, and you should always do your research for accurate shooting markers. 

Moreover, you can also upgrade the accuracy of your marker later by investing in a high-performance barrel. But again, it will cost you extra money.

7. Durability & Reliability

Durability & Reliability

Paintball is an extreme sport, which means you will be running, jumping, falling, sliding, or crouching from time to time. During the heat of the game, things can get tough, and an average marker will malfunction or even break.

To avoid this, you should always invest in markers that are known for their durability and reliability. 

Even with a limited budget, you should never go for cheap guns. You don’t want to be that guy whose marker always has some kind of issues. This not only ruins your paintball experience but sometimes also becomes a safety issue.

The markers we reviewed in this list are all highly durable and reliable. They also come with a brand warranty which helps you with replacements or even repairs, in case of a breakdown.

8. Future Upgrades

Future Upgrades

With a limited budget to spend on paintball guns, the options also get limited. So, to buy a quality marker within your range, you will have to compromise on some luxury features.

Fortunately, most paintball gun supports up-gradation and customization. So,  you can upgrade your paintball gun later whenever you have enough money. Upgrading a gun instead of buying a whole new gun can save you a lot of money and enhance the performance of your old marker.

So, exactly how to check if the gun you are buying is upgradable or not? The answer lies within the brand and model of the gun. For example, Tippmann guns are known for their customizability and aftermarket upgrades.

Moreover, you should also check the barrel threading of your desired gun if you have any plans to upgrade your barrel soon. 

Therefore, when researching for a paintball gun, a factor you should always look for in the room for future upgrades in a paintball gun.

9. Propellant System

Propellant System

A gas that propels paintball at high speed is called propellent. There are two widely used propellants: HPA and CO2. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. 

In the early days of paintball, CO2 tanks were used widely. Since they are cheap to buy and refill, however, they have major issues of pressure fluctuation. Since CO2 is stored inside the tank in a liquid form, it takes time to become gaseous again. This delay in time causes pressure fluctuations. 

On the other hand, HPA tanks are more reliable and don’t fluctuate during the game. But, they are a little expensive as compared to their counterpart. 

If you are a casual paintballer who plays just for fun, you can go with the CO2 tanks. But, for the more competitive player, HPA tanks are recommended. Moreover, you can also buy guns that are both HPA and CO2-compatible.

10. Hopper Placement

Hopper Placement

The place where your hopper sits can heavily affect your accuracy. Hoppers placed at the center of the marker are called center-fed hoppers, while the hoppers placed on one side are called off-set hoppers. 

The hopper which sits at the center allows you to aim from both sides. This comes in handy when you are stuck behind a bunker and trying to peek at angles from both sides. 

On the other hand, offset hoppers are well-suited for someone planning to use their marker with a scope or sight since these hoppers give you a good view from one side but limit your sight from the other. Therefore, they are not ideal for switching angles. 

Both hoppers are great, and their usage depends upon the position and the format you play paintball. Personally, I like the center-fed hoppers more because they fit my playing style.

11. Warranty


When buying a paintball gun, you should always look for a warranty. Almost every reputable paintball brand offers a one or two-year warranty. Therefore, buying a branded paintball gun is not only a cool thing to flex, but it can also cover you if your gun malfunctions or breaks.

Also, finding parts and replacements for a well-known brand is much easier. Many brands also provide you with free repairs during the time period of warranty. Hence, again saving you a few bucks. 

The time period of the gun’s warranty also reflects the brand’s confidence in its products. Moreover, it also gives you peace of mind and confidence in your weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can pepper balls be used in paintball guns?
Most of the paintball guns shoot a paintball of 0.68 calibers. Technically, they can also shoot a pepper ball it has the same caliber as the gun’s barrel. In fact, a pepper ball also works in the same manner as a paintball gun. It also shatters upon impact and contains pepper spray instead of paint.

Like pepper spray, a pepper ball can also cause irritation, itchiness, and breathing difficulty. Therefore it must be used for self-defense purposes only. Using them for recreational and fun purposes can seriously put you in trouble. For the safe side, you should also check your state laws for pepper balls.

Do you need a license for a paintball gun?
It depends on where you live. Usually, in many countries, paintball guns fall under the category of airguns. Hence, laws and regulations about firearms don’t apply to them. This means that they are completely legal to carry without any license or permit.

However, In few countries, paintball is considered a firearm. Therefore it will be illegal to possess a paintball gun without a proper permit or license. Moreover, many US states also prohibit the selling of paintball guns to a minor.

Anyways, for the safe side, It is better to check your state or country law before buying a paintball gun.

Are speedball guns good for woodsball?
Well, you can use a speedball gun for woodsball. But here are a few catches. Firstly, a speedball gun is designed to get the maximum out of the marker and Since woodsball matches last very long, chances are that your marker will exhaust in the middle of the game.

Moreover, speedball guns usually have very bright and flashy bodies which will not blend well with the natural atmosphere. Hence, you will be spotted and get shot quite often. On the other hand, the rapid firing rate of a speedball gun will also give you an edge over your opponent.

Which brand produces the most durable paintball gun?
There are many paintball brands that are known for their high quality and super durable paintball markers such as Dye, Tippmann, Spyder, Empire and Planet Eclipse, etc.

However, when it comes to durability along with the value for money, Tippmann will always take the lead. No matter how rough you use them, at the end of the day you will find your marker in one piece. That’s the reason why Tippmann’s guns are widely used by paintball fields as rental guns.

A few of the notable Tippmann’s guns are the Tippmann Cronus Tactical, Tippmann 98 Custom, and the Tippmann stormer Elite.

Why are paintball guns called markers?
To understand this let’s back to the time when the first paintball gun was invented. The founder of Nelson Paint Company, Charles Nelson designed the first paintball gun to help the US forest department mark trees that were needed to cut down.

Moreover, it was also used by the rancher to mark wandering cows. Hence, giving it the name “paintball marker”.

Later, paintball was converted into a recreation extreme sport and now a day it is played by thousands of people.

Final Words – Wrapping it Up

Buying a quality paintball gun for under 200 bucks can be a hard and frustrating task. Since the market is full of cheap guns and the quality options are limited. If you have read this far, I hope this article made it easier to decide on your next paintball gun.

Your preferred playing style and paintball format determine the type of marker you should get.

You should never compromise accuracy, durability, and reliability even if you have a very tight budget, as they are the most vital attributes of a gun. Moreover, A paintball gun with room for future upgrades is a bonus factor that you should try looking for. 

If you are still confused about choosing a paintball gun, I recommend you go for the Tippmann Cronus Tactical or the Tippmann Stormer Elite.

You know, one can never go wrong with Tippmann guns as they are super durable, have tactical looks, and have a really nice accuracy. And the best part? All these features come at a budget-friendly price. 

Moreover, if you have a few more bucks to spend, check out our comprehensive guide on the Best Paintball Markers 2024.

Happy Paintballing!

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