Paintball Beast Acquired Airgun Book

Paintball Beast is a website that provides in-depth reviews of the best and latest paintball gear in the form of top 10 lists such as the best paintball guns, best paintball masks, etc. We also offer tips and advice on how to get the most out of your paintball experience. We are happy to announce that we have acquired Airgun Book, the viral social media platform for airguns.

About Airgun Book

Airgun Book was a social media platform that went viral in early 2018. The platform allowed users to share photos and videos of airguns. The site quickly gained popularity, with articles about it appearing on BuzzFeed, USA Today, and other news outlets.

David Scott - founder of Airgun Book

In March 2018, David Scott, an airgun enthusiast, set up Airgun Book after his friends got banned from Facebook for sharing and advertising pictures of airguns. After this incident, Scott was displeased and decided to create his own social media platform dedicated to airguns. Initially, he named the site and then changed it to Since then, the site devoted itself to providing information and resources for airgun enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Like any social media platform, AirgunBook allowed users to create an account, add friends, scroll feed, and join communities. The site also included a forum where members discussed airgun-related topics and a gallery where users shared photos and videos of their airguns. With forums covering everything from hunting to target shooting, there’s something for everyone. And with airgun-specific classifieds, it’s easy to find the perfect gun for you. There was also a blog where Scott posts regular updates on airgun news and events.

Airgun Book connected thousands of airgun enthusiasts from all over the world. It helps them get to know about and join their local clubs, meet new people sharing the love of airguns, and show their gear to the world. The forum discussions included information on every aspect of air gunning, from choosing the right gun to fixing common problems, and best of all, the reviews were honest and unbiased thanks to the expert contributor. The website helped many people learn about airguns and get started in the sport. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in airguns.

Why did Airgun Book shut down?

In 2018, only months after the creation of Airgun Book, Scott was in for a rude awakening when he received a series of emails from Facebook threatening legal action against Airgun Book, a social media platform that allowed users to post and share information about airguns. Facebook claimed that Airgun Book violated its intellectual property rights by using the term “book” in its name and website address.

It turns out that Facebook owns the rights to both “face” and “book” in the context of social media platforms, and they were not happy that Scott was using the suffix “book” without their permission. After a few back-and-forths, Scott agreed to shut down

While he was originally resistant to the idea, he realized that it was in his best interest to avoid a lengthy and costly legal battle with the tech giant. This highlights the problems that can arise when large companies attempt to monopolize online activity. Facebook’s actions not only stifled competition but also deprived airgun enthusiasts of a valuable resource.

Why we Acquired Airgun Book?

The main motto behind the creation of Paintball Beasts was to promote paintball to a wider audience and preserve its legacy. We at Paintball Beasts have always taken pride in serving the paintball community and promoting this beautiful game in any way we can.

Now, with the acquisition of Airgun Book, we will be able to do just that. With the legacy that Airgun Book has created, we will be able to reach out to new and potential audiences who might not have otherwise considered playing paintball. We believe that this is a great opportunity to not only promote paintball but also to grow the sport as a whole.